Believe it or not, Translatable LLC is not my first business venture. Prior to starting my language consulting business, I worked as an independent contractor. These ventures included selling my art on Etsy, walking dogs, and tutoring. Tutoring as a contractor or working as a freelancer is an excellent way to segway into owning and operating your own business.

See the below list to discover reputable companies where you can hire or be hired as a tutor.

FTC Disclaimer: I may receive compensation via affiliate links in this post.

1) Varsity Tutors

I provided in-person tutoring services through Varsity Tutors for about a year. Tutors work as independent contractors. I loved working with Varsity Tutors because the company connects you with potential students. The hiring process includes submitting a completed application and completing an interview. If selected to move forward, you will receive a demo of the online platform and receive further training and instructions on how to fully utilize their tools and tutoring platform.


  • Varsity Tutors does the heavy lifting by connecting qualified tutors with students in need.

  • Another bonus for working with Varsity Tutors is that they will offer incentives for taking on new students who require a fast placement.

  • Online tutoring is available! I have been trained to use their online platform. It is an excellent tool already in place for providing distance education.

  • Free group courses are being offered online in several subjects to assist parents with virtual learning.


  • At the time I tutored with the company several years ago, tutors meeting online were contracted at a lower rate. This means that you would get paid less to tutor students online via their virtual classroom platform. I do not know if they have modified their pay rates since I last worked with them circa 2016. If anyone has up to date rate information for Varsity Tutors please leave that info in a comment below.

When I was a tutor, the company established your compensation rate. Rates were competitive and incentive pay was provided to tutors who could take on new students with short notice. Overall, I appreciated the support and resources provided to tutors. I strongly recommend this company as a place to begin your tutoring services.

Please visit to learn more about the opportunity and apply. Please remember to mention that you were referred by Carla Stone. Contact at (888) 888-7917 or now to get more information.

Click here to find a tutor for yourself or a child! Please remember to mention that you were referred by Carla Stone to receive a FREE tutoring hour with your purchase of any of our tutoring packages.

2) Wyzant

Wyzant is another great platform for running your own tutoring business. I personally taught through Wyzant for several years as a language arts and Japanese language instructor. Read below to see how tutoring on Wyzant differs from Varsity Tutors.


  • Wyzant provides you with an online space to fully grow your personal tutoring business. It also boasts an online platform allowing you to connect with students remotely.

  • The application is simple and afterward, you take qualifying quizzes to indicate your skill sets. There is no interview nor is additional training provided.

  • Tutors are able to set their own rates, but Wyzant collects a portion in exchange for their placement services.

  • You can bring your own students to the Wyzant platform and receive 100% of your rate! For these reasons, I recommend utilizing Wyzant to begin your online tutoring business. You can select from a range of skills and subjects to teach!


  • This is debately not a con, but Wyzant collects a portion of your profit for students found via their platform. The exact percentage has likely changed since I was an active tutor. I believe they take 15-20% of your rate. Again you are able to set your own rate and therefore can keep this in mind when determining how much you will charge your clients.

Click here to get started as a teacher or click the link below to find a tutor!

3) Italki

I love Italki for many reasons. I have not personally taught via the Italki platform, but I have utilized their services as a language student. I used Italki to improve my understanding of Castillian Spanish. I met with a Spanish teacher online via the Italki platform while studying abroad in Spain. During my session, my teacher assessed my skill level and gave me a guided formal lesson. My teacher was punctual, professional, and well prepared. Overall, I had a very positive experience and would utilize Italki again in the future to enhance my language skill sets.


  • Italki is an incredibly affordable platform to jumpstart your language learning or language teaching experience. You can pay per lesson or purchase multiple lessons in advance.

  • To my understanding teachers and tutors are able to set their own rates. Many language professionals with teaching qualifications sign up as teachers and other individuals with language proficiency sign up as tutors.

  • You can select to book your lesson with either a teacher or a tutor. Teachers will guide you through structured lessons while tutors tend to provide more informal language practice sessions.

  • Both teachers and tutors typically offer a free or a reduced fee for the consultation session.

  • You can earn Italki credits! This means that you can exchange credits earned from teaching a language to pay to learn another language.

  • In this way, you can be both a teacher and a student. This is an excellent platform for anyone looking to participate in a global exchange of language and culture.

Click here or any of the links below to get started!

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through this post. I hope that you find these resources and job leads to be valuable. I wish you the best as you start or continue your transition into working remotely!


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I am a writer. I might not be a published author or professional writer, but I write and I write constantly. I write for my business blog and prior to this I wrote for the My Soul Venture Blog. I write content, email correspondence and I review writing as a translator and post-translation editor. Therefore it is essential for me to write well and just as important to have a grammar checker.

FTC Disclaimer: I may receive compensation via affiliate links in this post.

Whether writing a paper for school, editing for my business, or drafting a blog post, Grammarly helps me produce well-edited content. Prior to working as a language consultant, I taught English as a second language for over 5 years. When I was teaching, Grammarly either did not exist or was not as widely known and in use as it is today. I was once approached by a vendor whose goal was to sell licenses for an automated grammar checker to my school. This vendor was essentially selling to educators what Grammarly offers to its users for FREE!

Grammarly provides automated grammar checking and spell check via a downloadable plugin. As you write emails, papers, and virtually any digital correspondence the app corrects your grammar in real-time. This tool is an excellent resource for native English speakers and those who speak English as a second language. It is also a great tool for individuals with dyslexia because it allows you to type and produce written works in confidence. In addition to checking grammar, Grammarly has expanded to provide plagiarism detection and now offers Grammarly Business. If you don't already utilize Grammarly please click the link below to get the Grammarly plugin for your computer.

Whatever your venture is, don't let unchecked grammar and spelling errors hold you back!


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I have been working remotely 100% for 2 years. I made so many mistakes during my first year of working from home. I began this blog to share with you useful tips that I have learned along the way. Here are my top strategies for workers new to working from home.

FTC Disclaimer: This post may utilize affiliate links of which I may receive a commission at no cost to you.

1) Craft a Dedicated Space

Initially, my workspace was in my bedroom which is my oasis. My room is flooded with natural light. Part of setting the ambiance is having a clean workspace. When working from my room I usually make the bed and clear up any clutter in the immediate vicinity of my workspace. It doesn't have to be spotless, but tucking away anxiety triggers like piles of clothes, toys, and trash will you to maintain a clear mind while working.

Now, I have a she-shed! I converted my guest bedroom into my personal office complete with a workout station. I have never felt so excited to utilize my little office for both my professional and personal ventures. I keep my crafting supplies here as well as a stack of Oprah's magazines. Having an entire room to yourself may not be an option, but if it is I highly recommend it. If you can not hide away behind closed doors, then craft a cozy work nook for yourself. My bedroom workspace worked great when I needed it.

Small space office furniture can be purchased from Ikea, Pier 1 Imports, and World Market. Even more affordable furniture can be bought at Target and Biglots without compromising functionality and style. You have options and you are worth the investment if you can swing it.

2) Measure Your Productivity

Several apps exist to measure your time and work output. My app of choice is Toggl. Toggl is an app that allows you track your time worked on different tasks. You can set it up for use from your phone or your computer. As a contractor, I find it important to always track the time you spend on projects. This will protect you if you ever need to submit proof later on for an audit or if a client inquires.

3) Know Your Tools

We live in the age of technology and there are several tools and resources available. These tools include Zoom, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Slack, and Facebook Workspace to name a few. Every job prefers a different tool of choice, but you can beat the curve by already downloading these or picking one for personal use to become familiar with.

4) & 5 Create a Schedule AND Establish a Routine

We are living in the season of COVID and quarantine. It is difficult to plan and retain a sense of normal, but I ask you to try to find your new normal. My work routine includes cleaning up my workspace, pouring a cup of coffee, and selecting an audiobook, podcast, or show to listen to while I work. I personally need to have background noise to tune into or out of as I please. In regards to workflow, I typically take at least a 15-minute break for every hour of work.

When I sit down to do work, I immediately start my Toggl timer and set a short term goal. Essentially, my day can be divided between the completion of several small goals. As a small business owner, my Toggl timer helps me keep track of goals completed and billable hours. If you work in a freelance or are self-employed, tracking your time and invoicing appropriately is key.

6) Tag Team

Work can be stressful, working from home with small children can seem impossible. If you have additional support, then juggling work and family can be a bit more manageable. However, many of you like myself may have lost their usual support system due to quarantine. My greatest piece of advice is to be flexible and to not sweat the small stuff. Test and try different work schedules to see what could work best for your family. Find your support whether it comes from family, childcare, a Facebook group, a moms club, or your best girlfriends. Know your tribe and ask for help or seek a listening ear when you need it. I highly recommend read my ing other post that discusses what working from home looks like for my family during the quarantine.

7) Be Vocal

Stay in communication with your team, manager, boss, etc. Remote work is best utilized when combined with effective communication. You must take the lead in vocalizing your needs to your employer and clarify their expectations of your output. Inform your boss of any and all work interruptions and life circumstances that may have any impact on your production.

Even when things are going well, I like to touch base with my team just to check-in. I maintain open lines of communication which makes it easier to discuss or request issues and concerns when they do arise.

8) Communicate Effectively

Having one person work from home can heavily impact the family. Having both parents work from home can completely turn your world upside down. You both have job requirements and different expectations of what working from home entails.

Working from home with school-age kids or young children is no easy feat. Establishing effective communication with your family is just as important as knowing how to communicate with your work team. Do not make assumptions about what your partner may need, ask questions, and remember that you are on the same team. Working from home is an adjustment that affects the whole household. Adjustments take time to adapt to.

9) Define Boundaries

If your job does not require you to be on call then do not answer emails outside of normal hours of operation. I struggle with this and I admit that it is easier to switch things off during quarantine times. With my daughter home with us 24/7, I work when and where I can. That being said I would prefer to have dedicated hours every day when I know I can sit down and work and then leave my work behind.

10) Give Your Self Grace

Remember that the switch to remote work takes time to transition. Working from home is hard and working from home with kids is near impossible. I sincerely hope that businesses transitioning their employees to remote work understand their employee's circumstances. We are living in the thick of a worldwide pandemic. Those who are blessed to have a job right now may find themselves working under atypical circumstances. Many are working from home without full-time child care or the usual support that would exist during non-quarantine times. This will be a challenge, but you can tackle this. It will require support, leniency, and realistic expectations from all parties involved.

If you made it this part, thank you for reading along. For more tips on how to navigate working from home with children read my earlier blog on what working from home during the quarantine looks like for me here. I wish you peace on your respective journey!



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